We’ve all seen the mocking, sarcastic, or downright mean comments left on posts about being vegan. Some people feel guilty for their choices, so they try to bring vegans down for doing something that they’re unwilling to do. Others can’t see why anyone would stop eating animals, and it’s easier to mock something that they don’t understand than it is to learn about it. 

Here are 11 glorious examples of vegan shaming gone terribly, terribly wrong:

1: Vegans Are Terrorists 

Vegans promote NONviolence. This person seems to be a tad confused.

Vegan-Shaming-152: Vegan Men Can’t Hold Women ‘Aloft’

This person commented on a picture of a man holding up a woman. He or she apparently thinks that vegans are weak, not knowing or conveniently forgetting that some of the strongest men in the word—including Mr. Universe—are vegan. How do ya like DEM apples?

Vegan-Shaming-143: Vegans Steal Food From Animals

Many times, silly comments like this one are worth ignoring. However, one person took the time to give the most badass, well-thought-out, complete answer ever. All we can do is hope the troll read it.


4: Vegans Starve Themselves

The response to this is pure gold. 


5: It’s OK to Kill Animals, but We Should Help Those Who Are Abused

But … but … killing animals IS abusing them!


6: Not ALL Slaughterhouses Are Like That

Hint: If it has the word “slaughter” in its name, it isn’t humane.


7: So You and a Pig Are on an Island …

We’re pretty sure that this person would eat the coconuts and mangos. Now, imagine that we lived in a world where most of us got our food from grocery stores and had tons of vegan options at our fingertips. Oh, wait—we do!


8: We Don’t Have Time to Slaughter Animals Humanely

This person clearly doesn’t know that going vegan helps fight world hunger!


9: We’re Top Dog

Humans have this crazy ability to be empathetic—but I’m not sure if this person knows about it. 


10: Not Everyone Will Go Vegan

This is the perfect example of not letting the haters get you down.

Vegan-Shaming-711: Animals Are Delicious

We try to be mature … but sometimes, we can’t resist.

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