Unfortunately, vegans have a history of being misunderstood. Check out our true motives for the things we do:

1. We check with the server over and over to make sure he or she actually wrote down “no cheese.”


Why you think we do it: We want the world to know that we’re vegan, and we like harassing servers.

Why we really do it: We’ve all had to send meals back, and we all feel bad doing this. So we go to great lengths to avoid it.

2. We get really excited when you agree to go to a vegan restaurant.


Why you think we do it: Now, we’ll have tons of choices!

Why we really do it: We will have more choices, but we’re also super-pumped that you’re open to trying animal-free foods, because we know you’ll love them!

3. We don’t offer nonvegan options at our house parties.


Why you think we do it: We’re pushy meanies who are trying to force our lifestyle on others.

Why we really do it: Buying animal products for others STILL supports industries that we know are horrifically cruel. Plus, we love seeing your faces light up when you take a bite and realize how delicious it is!

4. We get really, really annoyed whenever someone asks how we get our protein.


Why you think we do it: We’re touchy and unreasonable.

Why we really do it: You may be asking us for the first time, but it’s the 100,000,000,000th time we’ve heard this question. Even the most patient person gets tired of explaining that quinoa, peanut butter, nuts, beans, avocados, tofu, soy, and TONS of other plant-based products are great sources of protein.

5. We have lots of vegan friends or some kind of vegan social network.


Why you think we do it: We’re exclusive and cliquey.

Why we really do it: Humans bond over their interests. Just as football fans hang out together and watch games, vegans swap food hacks and the names of their favorite restaurants. Plus, vegans are often teased by their friends and family, so it’s nice to have like-minded people to lean on for support.

6. We watch Blackfish and other animal-related documentaries.


Why you think we do it: We’re looking for something else to preach about.

Why we really do it: Being vegan means we care about ALL animals. We want to learn how they’re exploited so we can avoid cruel industries.

7. We love taking pictures of our food.


Why you think we do it: We’re obsessed with food.

Why we really do it: OK … maybe we are a little obsessed with food. But we have to be! We think carefully about everything we eat, which means that each delicious, cruelty-free meal we prepare is interesting and creative in a way that other foods often aren’t.

8. We prefer dating other vegans or vegetarians.


Why you think we do it: We’re stuck up.

Why we really do it: Just like anyone else, we love dating people with similar interests and values. But this certainly doesn’t mean that we WON’T date a meat-eater! We just need to feel that our values are understood and respected.

9. We post about animal rights issues on Facebook.


Why you think we do it: We think we’re better than you and want to rub it in your face.

Why we really do it: Facebook is a place where people share articles that are interesting and important to them, and we just happen to be interested in animal rights.

10. We encourage you to go vegan too.


Why you think we do it: We enjoy nagging you.

Why we really do it: We LOVE you! Vegans live eight to 10 years LONGER than meat-eaters, and we want you to have a long and healthy life. We also know how happy you would feel living your life without harming others. Basically, we benefit both physically and psychologically from the choices we make, and want the same for you!

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