The Veronicas are by far, our favorite Australian export. Identical twin sisters Jessica and Lisa are two of the fiercest, most stunning ladies in music, with compassion to match their talent. When it comes to speaking their minds, Jessica and Lisa are raw and unapologetic. Whether they’re singing heartrending lyrics (*ahem*You Ruin Me“) or taking on the fur industry, the gals of The Veronicas are proud to get loud.

Caged, deprived, and skinned alive. That is the fate of many animals raised on fur farms.

The Veronicas peta2 Anti-Fur PSA

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For angora, screaming rabbits are tied down and their fur is painfully ripped from their bodies. They endure this traumatic experience over and over again, about every three months.


On Australian wool farms, baby lambs have their ears hole-punched and their tails chopped off. Sheep are sometimes punched in the face and kicked to the ground. When they’re no longer needed for their wool, they’re sent to slaughter.

Sheep on a Wool Farm

Whether it’s a scarf, a sweater, or the trim on a winter coat or a pair of gloves, if your clothing contains fur, you can guarantee that an animal suffered immensely to produce it. 

The good news is that hundreds of stores and popular designers have pledged to go fur-free. Forever 21, J.Crew, Target, H&M, Express, and tons of other easy-to-find brands are fabulously fur-free.  

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