We all have a story about how we became animal rights activists. The thing that really did it for me was a course I took in college called “Issues in Primate Studies.” This course dealt with our relationship to other primates and was all about animal rights. So you can imagine how excited I was to hear that Harvard University announced that it will be closing its primate testing facility!

capuchin monkeys
Photo: inottawa | CC by 2.0 

Harvard’s announcement comes almost 30 years to the day after PETA and 5,000 activists gathered for a historic protest on Boston Common to demand an end to this cruelty. This is a huge victory for more than 2,000 primates who have been shocked, starved, infected with diseases, and addicted to drugs in useless experiments.

Chimpanzees in an animal testing laboratory

Even though Harvard is closing this laboratory, there are still millions of animals tortured and killed each year in cruel experiments. Will you speak up for them?