There’s big news coming out of India: After a whole lotta campaigning from our friends PETA India, the Indian Ministry of Environment and Forests has officially issued guidelines to the Medical Council of India, the Pharmacy Council of India, and the University Grants Commission to completely stop dissection and experimentation on animals at both the  undergraduate and postgraduate levels for the purpose of training students—booyah!

Here’s what the ministry said: “[E]ffective alternatives in the form of CDs, computer simulations, manikin/models, in vitro methods, etc are available and they are not only effective and absolute replacements to the use of animals in teaching anatomy/physiology but they are also superior pedagogic tools in the teaching of pharmacy/life sciences.”

How did this happen? Officials were flooded with letters and petitions from students, progressive scientists, celebrities, and other caring individuals calling for an end to the use of animals in teaching students.

So remember: The next time that you have the opportunity to write a letter or add your name to a petition, do it! One moment of your time can change the world.

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