Lions will no longer be forced to spend their days in the middle of the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas after the display closes for good on January 31.

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In their natural savannah home, lions roam many miles of territory, hunt, raise their young, and avoid all contact with blackjack tables and slot machines. But at the MGM Grand, lions are confined to a display made of artificial rock and floor-to-ceiling glass, allowing them no privacy and no opportunity to escape crowds of gawking tourists. The stress and unnatural conditions led to at least two lion attacks on handlers at the display, prompting PETA to successfully appeal to the Nevada Occupational Safety and Health Administration to cite the exhibitor, Keith Evans, with workplace safety violations and to fine him. On top of the state citations, Evans was also cited by federal officials for illegally declawing two lion cubs.

PETA had appealed to the management of the Strip landmark for years to eliminate the cruel and dangerous display, for which lions were hauled back and forth between the casino and Evans’ off-site facility. Now, we are offering to assist MGM with placing the cats into reputable sanctuaries.

Please click here to give a roar of gratitude to MGM management for discontinuing the display and to ask that they work with Evans to retire the lions to reputable sanctuaries using funds that have been set aside for the animals’ care.