Say it with me: YAY!!

Today, 11 bears are feeling grass beneath their paws for the first time ever—thanks to a kind and generous person who offered to help find them a home and to people like you who wrote, called, and otherwise fought for these bears to see freedom!

© International Exotic Animal Sanctuary

© International Exotic Animal Sanctuary 

Instead of begging tourists for junk food such as Lucky Charms cereal, they nom on fresh food, including their favorite treats: avocados, grapes, peanuts, and watermelon.


© International Exotic Animal Sanctuary 

Rather than turning in endless circles or rocking back and forth, they now climb trees, amble through underbrush, and forage.

To see more photos of the bears and find out how you can “adopt” them, visit IEAS’ website.


Right now other bears at Cherokee Bear Zoo (another roadside hellhole in North Carolina) are circling concrete pits, pacing back and forth, and begging for food. Help get them out of there now!