Have friends who tell you that your voice can’t make a difference? They’re wrong!

Within 24 hours of generating tens of thousands of e-mails, thousands of Facebook and Twitter posts on Air France’s public sites, and hundreds of phone calls to the airline’s cargo offices (so many that the airline shut down its phone line and Facebook wall!), PETA supporters convinced Air France to cancel the shipment of 60 monkeys to cruel deaths at a notoriously awful laboratory.

This victory is because of YOU!

Thank you for raising your voice to stop animals from being caged, poisoned, and killed. Because of you, the animal testing industry has a thorn in its side—and we won’t stop until animals are no longer seen as test tubes but instead as the living, feeling, intelligent beings they are.

Want to do more to help? Ask Air France and other major airlines to enact a policy prohibiting all future shipments of primates to laboratories.

On behalf of animals everywhere, thank you!