If you haven’t already seen the extremely sad video, grab some tissues—because you’re probs going to cry.?

Incredibly sad sight in harbor. Two dolphin trying to revive a dead one. I didn't see any boat marks but had some skin…

Posted by J.R. Waits on Monday, May 8, 2017

In one of the most heartbreaking videos of 2017,? you can see what appears to be two dolphin friends working together to attempt to revive or help another dolphin, who was found dead.? This video helps to give some insight into how extremely intelligent and complex dolphins actually are.? Dolphins communicate with each other through distinct whistles and body language, they live together in pods, and they even pass on their own family histories.

While dolphins in the wild swim vast distances every day with their extended families, playing and exploring new territory together, SeaWorld confines them to tiny tanks, and they see very little each day other than the same dreary concrete walls.?Dolphins navigate by echolocation, but in pools, the reverberations from their own sonar just bounce off the walls.

SeaWorld exploits dolphins’ intelligence by forcing them to learn and perform cheap tricks, which have proved harmful and even fatal to the animals. More than 300 ? and?, not including orcas, have died on SeaWorld’s watch, many of them prematurely.


SeaWorld, San Diego (300443) | Robert Linsdell | CC by 2.0 

J.R. Waits, the person who posted the video, later posted an update saying that “from NOAA states the adult female dolphin that I found in Charleston Harbor appears to have died from being caught in a rope (human interaction).”

What You Can Do

Keep your distance if you see dolphins in the wild, never go to SeaWorld, and urge your friends to stay away, too. Demand that the theme park release the animals held captive there to sea sanctuaries.