We did it! Volkswagen’s CEO Herbert Diess has confirmed to PETA Germany that the car company will never again use animals in testing unless required to do so by law. Diess added that the company’s code of conduct will be updated later this year to include the ban.

After The New York Times exposed that Volkswagen was paying for cruel tests in which macaque monkeys were locked in chambers and forced to inhale diesel fumes for hours on end, thousands of PETA and peta2 supporters e-mailed the company—more than 160,000 of you took action in the U.S. alone!

The victory was also made possible by PETA Germany’s talks with Volkswagen executives and protests at the company’s headquarters. Thank you to everyone who took action.

Take Action to Help Other Animals Used in Cruel Experiments

Volkswagen made the compassionate decision to stop testing on animals, but some other companies apparently haven’t gotten the memo. Check out our database of cruelty-free companies to make sure that you’re not supporting animal testing.