1.      A Cat Harness

The idea of putting a cat on a leash may seem a little odd …

cat with leash

… but it’s actually awesome!

It isn’t safe for kitties to run around outside unsupervised, but a harness solves that problem.

cat on leash rosevelt

As long as you take the time to properly leash-train your li’l buddy, you’ll both LOVE having outdoor adventures together!

2.      Nutritional Yeast

Admittedly, eating “yeast” sounds a little icky …


… but it’s NOT icky. It’s one of the greatest gifts that God has given to vegans!


Put it on popcorn, fries, pasta, and SO. MUCH. MORE.

vegan staple nutritional yeast
Nutritional Yeast | Photo by: watashiwani | CC By 2.0 

Still skeptical? Try it for yourself. I promise—you will become a believer.

3.      peta2 Stickers

These stickers are not inherently wacky, but what you can do with them IS!


Stick them on your stereo …

not a nugget sticker on speakers

your water bottles …

not a nugget sticker water bottle

your shoes …

shoes with stickers

or just plaster them all over your pretty face!


4.      ‘PETA’s Vegan College Cookbook’

This simple cookbook is FULL of “wacky” recipes.


For example, Breakup Pudding made with TOFU, Spin-Art Dip made with vegan mayo and nutritional yeast (told you nutritional yeast was awesome!), and so much more!!!


Yummy, insanely easy, cheap, and kind of strange, these recipes will change the way you eat.

5.      Vegan Tie or Bow Tie


Win a vegan PETA tie

These awesome, unique ties and bow ties are so fun and 100% vegan! The bow ties are made by an all-vegan company, and among the offerings are rainbow, spiked, and floral designs.

studded bow tie.

Because who DOESN’T need a spiked bow tie?

6.      Bacon-Flavored Chips

Don’t freak out! We’re not telling you to eat bacon!


No li’l piggies were harmed in the creation of these delicious chips.

maple bacon vegan chips
Product image: Kettle Brand 

Enjoy classic bacon-flavored snackage while maintaining your cruelty-free lifestyle.

7.      Animal Rights Condoms

These cute, printable condoms are extremely effective at raising awareness of animal overpopulation.

gold condom wallet

Everyone deserves protection, but cats and dogs can’t use condoms (duh!).

printable condoms whisky face

Condoms | Photo by: robertelyov | CC by 2.0 

You never know! Handing these out or showing them to someone could make all the difference.

8.      Temporary Knuckle Tattoos

Here’s something for all our inner bad-a$$ selves!

From the PETA catalog

These temporary knuckle tats show that you are SERIOUS about animal rights while providing the added bonus of giving unsuspecting parents a mini heart attack. (Don’t worry, Mom! They wash right off!)

9.      Pizza Waffle

Whoever thought to combine pizza and waffles is some kind of diabolical genius.

waffle maker pizza collage

It’s SO good and SO easy. Seriously, if you can make a sandwich, you can make a pizza waffle. Just think—before today, you probably didn’t even know that pizza waffles were a thing.

vegan waffle taco ryan

Your life has just been improved. You’re welcome.

10.   Humane Bug Catcher

I know we all #LoveAllAnimals, but that doesn’t mean we want buggy visitors crawling around our homes.

Misunderstood Spider meme

On the flip side, we also don’t want to kill a little guy just because he likes chillin’ in our room. The solution has arrived!

snapy humane bug catcher peta2

This humane bug catcher is simple to use and lets you remove bugs without harming them. Woohoo!

To Sum Up …

There ya have it, folks! Ten kinda wacky things that you had NO idea you wanted. Now you have some shopping to do. And some cooking to do. And some cat walking to do.

So get to it!

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