It’s summertime! That means it’s time to stock up on sunblock, find your ear plugs, go to Warped Tour, and visit peta2! You get to help animals and see all your favorite bands play, and it really doesn’t get much better than that.

To help y’all out with everything going on, here’s peta2’s guide to your day at Warped Tour, starring the crème de la crème of peta2 + Warped Tour supporters!

First, go see our superhero tent.

warped tour 2014 4

Help liberate animals with your very own comic strip!

Warped Tour 2014

Catch The Ready Set on Warped all summer!

Be sure to rock out to The Summer Set.


And see our best friends, Real Friends!

real friends tour collab

Text in to receive free stuff (limited supplies every day)!

warped tour 2014 peta2 texting

Dig Nick Santino’s sweet serenades in the Acoustic Basement tent.

Don’t miss A Skylit Drive.

A skylit drive fur psa

Be on the lookout for Allison Weiss. She’s playing Warped July 20 through August 3.

And catch I the Mighty July 12 through August 3.

peta2 heroes The Ghost Inside are also playing Warped all summer.

Be a superhero for animals all summer long, and fight for animal liberation!

zach comic book

Stop by the peta2 tent, pick up some of our brand-new summer merch, and get totally interactive! Take photos and get free stuff!