Wes Tucker is used to getting love from adoring fans for his amazing singing voice (and for being a total hottie), but now he’s attracting chicks left and right for a whole new reason: The social media sensation has a huge heart for animals.

West Tucker Vegetarian ad

Wes Is All About Saving Animals

“I just put the connection between the actual food and the animal and decided that I didn’t want to eat [meat] anymore.” – Wes Tucker

Wes is already well known for the uplifting messages that he shares with the masses. If there’s one thing to know about him, it’s that he doesn’t just talk the talk—he walks the walk, too. By choosing to go vegetarian, the “Monument” singer has got nothin’ but love for animals! Check out this peta2 exclusive behind-the-scenes video:

Going Vegan Is What’s Up

Eating vegan is super-tasty, and it saves animals—like chickens, who suffer in the factory farming industry. Chickens raised by the commercial meat industry often spend their entire lives in filthy sheds with tens of thousands of other birds, most of them are still conscious while their throats are cut, and many are scalded to death. ?

Toronto Chicken Save 

Millions of animals are slaughtered each year for human consumption in the U.S. alone, but that doesn’t mean that you have to accept the status quo. You can be a hero for animals, just like Wes. Going vegan can boost your energy, give you awesome skin, help to reduce climate change, and make you a bona fide animal rights guru.

“It really only took me two weeks to just completely stop, and now I feel like I can jump to the moon!”

Feeling Inspired? Go Vegan

Being vegan is where it’s at—eating with compassion is next-level. Upgrade to badass status, and keep cruelty off your plate.

Check out our Guide to Going Vegan! From delish recipes to tips and more, we’ve got you covered.