If you’re like me, you’ve mayyybe accidentally returned from the grocery store on occasion with a couple of nonvegan items. Skimming the ingredients for “milk” and the packaging for “nondairy” seems like it should be enough, but the truth is that sometimes animal-derived ingredients can be overlooked. Case in point: casein.


Casein is the main protein in milk, and oddly enough, it’s often found in food items marked “nondairy.”

casein meme nondairy products
Photo: Roxanne Ready | CC by 2.0 

In the dairy industry, cows are repeatedly impregnated and have their babies stolen from them within days of giving birth. Once their bodies give out, these intelligent, social animals are sent to their deaths in slaughterhouses. </3

dairy cow

Since you’re awesome and have hopefully already made the compassionate decision to ditch dairy, be sure to avoid accidentally supporting this industry by always checking ingredients closely!

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