I have a mission for you.

  1. Go grab a piece of notebook paper
  2. Stare at it
  3. Picture living in a space as big as that piece of paper … for your whole life

That’s what it’s like for millions of birds every year who are kept alive in order to lay eggs—and that includes Easter eggs.  These chickens are crammed, with several other chickens, into battery cages* so small they can barely turn around, lie down comfortably, or spread a single wing.

This Easter, help save lives by spreading the word for chickens (and NOT using their eggs)! Here are a few ways:

  • Print out our updated Easter egg PDF here. You can fold ’em up and put them into those little plastic eggs you can find at any store, or just hand them out to your friends. Send us a photo at [email protected] for 1,500 points!
  • Send your friends and family the famous peta2 Easter e-card.
  • Make sure to pass along this info to all of your friends and family! We’ve made it easy with our printable leaflet below!

Stay loud!

*Think “cage-free” is better? Think again.