Let’s face it: People freakin’ WORSHIP bacon these days. In fact, they’ll go to any length to get their greasy-ass fix, no matter how the piggies have been treated to make that crap. For instance, farmers do these things to pigs:

1) Lock them up in crates so tiny that they can’t even move:

What If She Was Your Mother

THINK ABOUT IT: Could you spend your life in a crate so small that you couldn’t even TURN AROUND?

2) Keep them in crowded, disgusting environments:


 Here’s your “happy farm.”

3) Steal their babies:


NO mother wants to lose her babies, and NO mother deserves to.

4) Sexually abuse them:


Mother pigs have to be artificially inseminated over and OVER again. They’re repeatedly impregnated, and if that isn’t awful enough on its own, they also have to go through the heartbreaking experience of losing their babies multiple times.

5) Cut off their tails and clip off their teeth (and CASTRATE the boys):


… With no painkillers whatsoever. Sound terrible? Well that’s because it IS terrible.

6) Slam the runts on the ground to kill them:


This is a common practice– often called “thumping”–that occurs regularly on factory farms. Seriously now, HOW is this considered “OK”?

7) Beat the SH*T out of them:



8) Send them on a heartbreaking DEATH RIDE to the slaughterhouse:

Pig Death Ride

How would YOU feel if you were about to die?

9) Stun the f*ck out of them:


And stunning isn’t a reliable process, so they often feel it when farmers …

10) Slit their throats, while many of them are still CONSCIOUS:

 Because in the meat industry, animals are considered nothing more than machinery.

Still not sure if you can give up bacon? Here’s a quick recap: 

Now that you know where bacon REALLY comes from, will you still eat it? Or will you value pigs’ lives and try vegan bacon instead? Just one simple switch, and you’ll be helping to save tons of animals.

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bacon collage