I can’t help but bust out a “har har” every time I’m asked where I get my protein. It’s 2011, and being vegan has never been easier—and it’s a weak excuse to say you “can’t be vegan” because you play sports! Athletes like Daniel Bryan, newly vegan Jake Shields, and Mac Danzig are constantly kicking ass and are involved in two of the most physically demanding sports out there—and yeah, they’re vegan. So if you’re an athlete looking to ditch your zombie ways, read on, playa.

A fun thing that a handful of my friends and I used to do was meet up on Sundays to play basketball. Not sure how many of you out there like to shoot hoops—but generally when you play on public courts folks will challenge you to a pick-up game. My team was composed entirely of vegans, while the opposing team was generally “zombies.” Needless to say, we had a winning team and were damn proud of it. What was our secret you ask? Some would say talent (and I would agree), but I also think our healthy lifestyles had something to do with it. Here are some great links for being a healthy vegan athlete, or for anyone looking to get in better shape!

  • PCRM: This is my go-to site when I have questions about nutrition. This is a great site to start with and to learn about what you should be putting into your bodies.
  • Vegan Body Building: If you’re looking to get buff and to get those washboard abs (SWOON)—this is the site for you. Looking for a sample training plan? This site has it!
  • Organic Athlete: This is another great site for athletes looking to switch to a healthier lifestyle. They have a very helpful “Guide to Sports Nutrition” that I like a lot.

Like most of you out there, one of my New Year’s resolutions this year was to get into better shape—but I kind of slacked off here and there. Who wants to join me in going strong for the rest of the year? Let’s do this!