If you have ever felt bullied, taken advantage of, or alone, you should have a clear understanding of what a lot of other humans and animals experience every day. Our ability to empathize, or put ourselves in the place of these other beings, is one of my favorite aspects of humanity because it shows that we have the capacity to think outside ourselves and not be the major a-hole narcissists that people often accuse us of being.

Being apathetic doesn’t make you stronger, and it helps no one. There are BILLIONS of other beings out there who are totally vulnerable and need your help. It’s time that we stopped sitting on the sidelines while others need us! Empower yourself to actually do something, STARTING NOW.

peta2 pride sign missionShow your support for equality for ALL beings by taking a pic with one of our peta2 equality signs and sharing it with your friends on Facebook!

street team collage missionEvery year, the BILLIONS of animals who are kept in filthy cages and killed needlessly for their flesh have no idea why it’s happening to them. Make yourself a human-flesh tray to let your friends and family know how insane this reality is.

street team spay and neuter missionThere are millions of animals in shelters in this country without a home or family because people aren’t spaying and neutering their dogs and cats. Help fight the overpopulation crisis by taking a pic with one of our cute printable signs!

There are SO many other ways for you to speak up for animals. Check out peta2 for ideas on how you can help every day and earn points toward FREE peta2 goods to help you spread the word about assisting animals. 🙂

You WILL make a difference in this world. Never be silent!