When gathering petitions, leafleting, or just trying to eat lunch, how many times have you heard these things?

“Why are you TELLING people what to do?!”
“It’s my personal choice to eat meat!”
“Well, you’re entitled to your opinion …”

If you’re like me, it’s too many to count. You can give the best spiel about veganism to someone with ears wide open, and they can dismiss everything you say with “Well, it’s my right to eat meat!” and although lame, this response can throw even the most seasoned activist off. Let’s clear it up, shall we?

Veganism is not a personal choice—no more than it’s a personal choice to beat children, rape women, or hate people of another race or sexuality. Once your “choices” infringe on someone else’s freedom from suffering, it’s not your choice anymore. And as we know, the “choice” to eat meat (which, mind you, is never really given to kids and in some cases, strongly forced), affects millions of birds, fish, cows, pigs, and other animals every single year in the most cruel ways.

It’s no one’s “right” to mutilate, torture, and slaughter animals for products no one needs. Can you really watch this video with an open mind and defend it as our “right”?

The horrors of factory farming, animal testing, circuses, and on fur farms isn’t our opinion. It’s a fact. PETA and countless other animal advocacy groups have exposed factory farm and slaughterhouse workers stomping on and kicking chickens, ramming canes into the vaginas of mother pigs, abusing young calves, grinding up baby chickens alive, and more. There’s no need for “opinions” here, it’s all fact.

We’re not telling anyone what to do. But we hope that people can step back, realize the truth, and start making informed decisions based on fact, and not hunger pains. Just like no one is forcing you to eat a steak, we’re not shoving a veggie burger down your throat, but we do want you to know the truth that companies like McDonald’s, Hormel, and others aren’t going to show you. It’s only disturbing because it’s true.

What do you think?

Stay loud!