This weekend, peta2 staffers and members around the world celebrated the BEST holiday ever invented, “Hug a Vegan” Day!

Some celebrated by showing off their vegan pride:

Collage havd hand mission

Others posed with our printable signs:

HAVD sign mission collage

And others decided to reinvent the art of hugging:


How did I celebrate this magical day? I had an AWESOME time hanging out with peta2 staffers, members from the L.A. area, and a beautiful plate of nachos at peta2’s first “Hug a Vegan” Day party at the Bob Barker Building (peta2’s office). Check out some of the things you missed:

annie at hug a vegan day party

The cutest vegan cupcakes ever created:

cupcakes at hug a vegan day party

DIY T-shirt and button making:

button making station at hug a vegan

diy t shirt station hug a vegan day party

Tofu toss and other games:

tofu toss game at hug a vegan day party

Yep, we literally threw tofu at each other, and it’s officially my favorite thing to do with tofu (right after making tofu scramble and peanut butter pudding).

Vegan nacho bar with vegan queso from Food for Lovers:

Vegan nacho bar at hug a vegan day aprtyTHERE WERE UNLIMITED VEGAN NACHOS. UNLIMITED, GUYS!

And last but not least—GIANT vegan cookies:

Om nom nom cookies

Om Nom Nom (isn’t that the cutest name ever?!) donated some of its super-delish vegan cookies for our “Hug a Vegan” Day party, and they were a HUGE hit.