A heartbreaking video of a bullfrog being eaten alive, which was originally posted years ago, has recently resurfaced on social media sites. It shows a chef stab, skin, and cut up a fully conscious bullfrog. Then the frog—whose bottom half has been cut apart—is shown flailing his arms in a bowl just before a young woman begins eating his body while he stares helplessly back at her, blinking his eyes.

Warning: graphic content

According to reports, the video was filmed at a restaurant in Japan that’s known for serving bizarre dishes—eating live frogs isn’t something that people in Japan typically do. While it’s too late to save the frog in the video, viewers can direct their anger toward helping the billions of animals who are used for food every year in the U.S.

Much like this frog, animals in the commercial meat industry are killed in nightmarish ways. For example, fish-slaughter plants in the U.S. make no effort to stun fish, who are completely conscious when they start down the slaughter line. Their gills are cut, and they are left to bleed to death, convulsing in pain. Large fish, such as salmon, are sometimes bashed on the head with a wooden bat called a “priest,” and like the frog in the video, many are still alive and suffering when they’re cut open.

And experts agree that lobsters’ and crabs’ final minutes before they’re killed are excruciatingly painful. In crustacean slaughterhouses, workers often rip apart crabs and lobsters while they’re alive and struggling, and it’s not uncommon for them to be boiled alive, which is torture for them.

You can help all animals avoid pain and suffering just by not eating them! Going vegan is easier than ever. For help getting started, check out our new online Guide to Going Vegan

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