After claiming to have found a feather inside one of her McDonald’s chicken nuggets, an an Ohio woman expressed her outrage and posted photos and a video of herself removing the greasy white feather from the nugget.

UPDATE: McDonald's corporate told me this happens from time to time as well as other foreign objects and I am waiting to…

Posted by Celeste Sperry on Friday, December 2, 2016

Her post about the incident has since gone viral, garnering a wide range of emotional responses from people. Some expressed their disgust by saying things like “nastyyyy” and “That is so fucking gross,” while others pointed out the obvious: that her nugget was once a living, breathing bird. “I’m sorry you didn’t know that you’re eating something that naturally has feathers. Did you know it was an animal before they deep fried it?” one person wrote. Some commenters apparently are in denial that the nuggets are made from animals at all, leaving comments like “It’s not even really chicken at McDonald’s.”

Well, we’ve got some news for these commenters: Nuggets are made from real chickens—and yes, it is fucking disgusting. 

chickens in sheds

To keep up with the demand for chicken nuggets, birds are typically raised on factory farms, where they’re crammed into windowless sheds. They are subjected to genetic selection and given growth-promoting drugs to ensure that they grow abnormally large fast. Millions of pounds of antibiotics are fed to chickens so that they can survive in the cramped, filthy, and stressful conditions. (FYI, these antibiotics can end up in our soil and waterways.)


Once at the slaughterhouse, workers roughly hang the terrified chickens upside down in shackles. Then, machines slice open their throats and dump them into scalding-hot water to remove their feathers. Many birds remain conscious throughout this process.


The chickens are then de-boned and cut apart. Their breasts are dumped into a giant bin and sent to the “blending room,” where a grinder mashes up all the meat that’s tossed into it—so one chicken nugget can contain the flesh of many different birds. The ground meat is then poured into a blender before being formed into nuggets. McDonald’s Canada released a video showing how its chicken nuggets are made.

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When animal flesh is ground up and formed into non-animal shapes, it’s easy to forget that we’re eating the decaying body parts of another being who was once alive and who experienced pain and suffering. So if finding a feather, beak, organ, or anything else that reminds you of an animal in your fast-food meal grosses you out, make the connection and go vegan! 

Toronto Chicken Save

Toronto Chicken Save 

In the days following the feather incident, the Ohio woman shared an animal rights video on her Facebook page. Could it be that she’s had a change of heart? We certainly hope so. With so many animal-free options now available at grocery stores and even fast-food restaurants like Taco Bell and Chipotle, leaving animals off your plate is easier than ever. 

Check out our Guide To Going Vegan to get started!

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