Everyone loves some booty—whether it’s on hot celebrities, ourselves, or even adorable sheep!

In the wool industry, some sheep have huge chunks of their skin and flesh cut from their backsides in a procedure called “mulesing” and often have parts of their body amputated during shearing. Pretty sick, right?

Luckily, there are tons of humane alternatives to wool out there, which don’t support cruelty. 🙂 Check out some of our fave booties, which are sure to help you ditch wool:

sheep butt
Emery Co Photo J.K. | CC BY-SA 2.0 

Classic booty

sheep butts

Kevin Hutchinson | CC BY 2.0 

  Mama booty

Sheep eating and showing their booties

-JvL- | CC BY 2.0 

 Hungry booty

Sheep butts in a bush

Roberto Verzo | CC BY 2.0 

 Bushwhacking booty

Sheep in a field

cpettit2007 | CC BY 2.0 

  Zen booty

Clevergrrl | CC BY-SA 2.0 

 Interspecies-love booty

full figured sheep booty

Tobyotter | CC BY 2.0 

Junk-in-the-trunk booty

Cute sheep

David Masters | CC BY 2.0 

 Camera-shy booty

As you can see, these are some booties worth saving. Be sure to sign our pledge to save sheeps’ booties and never buy products that contain wool!