If you’re still on the fence about how cruel wearing wool or sheepskin is … I think I’m about to hand you your last straw.

The violence of the wool industry continues long after the animals are restrained, shaved, and sometimes mulesed. After the animals are used up or their wool production wanes (much like cows used in the dairy industry or chickens who are forced to lay eggs), the system of “live export” begins. Tens of thousands of sheep are crammed into huge, open-deck ships, packed together so tightly that many are often unable to reach food and water and starve to death before they make it to the Middle East—where they’re sent for slaughter.

A new investigation by Animals Australia documents the horrific fate of the survivors. Investigators filmed conscious animals who were thrown to the ground, trussed by all four legs, and slaughtered by having their throats cut open with dull knives.

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Don’t support violence? Don’t wear wool.

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