Someone seriously needs to tell Kim and Kanye that fur is sooo unfashionable and not even socially acceptable to wear! This couldn’t be more clear now that the world’s largest three clothing retailers—Gap Inc., H&M, and Inditex (owner of Zara)—are completely fur-free. This great news came after a recent decision by Intermix (owned by Gap Inc.) to get rid of fur. Woo-hoo!

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H&M, Gap, Banana Republic, and Zara have been fur-free for a while now, and more compassionate companies are realizing that wearing fur is not only super-tacky but also cruel. Most fur comes from animals who suffered in cramped cages on fur farms. There are no federal laws to protect them, and because fur farmers only care about preserving the quality of the fur, they use slaughter methods that keep the skin intact but that can result in extreme suffering for the animals. Animals killed for fur are gassed (which is not always lethal, and they can wake up while they’re being skinned), electrocuted, poisoned, or killed in a decompression chamber—or their necks are broken.

Some animals used for fur are trapped in the wild. They may suffer for days in steel-jaw traps. Mothers desperate to return to their young have been known to try to chew or twist off their own legs in order to free themselves. Those who can’t get free suffer for days without any food or water before trappers return and strangle, stomp, or bludgeon them to death.

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Angora Is Also WAY Out of Style

Angora—also called “angora wool”—is a type of rabbit hair. Rabbits used for angora live isolated in cramped cages. About every three months, workers yank them from their cages and pull their fur out by the fistful. Video footage shows that the animals scream in pain during this process. Those who are sheared also suffer: Their front and back legs are tightly tethered, and workers roughly shear them, often leaving them injured or in shock. This is why over 230 retailers—including Guess, H&M, Hot Topic, PacSunCalvin Klein, and Tommy Hilfiger—have banned angora wool.


What You Can Do

Remember learning about “supply and demand” in school? Well, it’s coming into play IRL. Companies pay attention to consumers’ opinions and make decisions based on what people are buying. So NEVER buy anything that says “fur” or “angora” on the label. Together, we can get more and more companies to ditch fur and save animals’ lives! 


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