It’s the Year of the Monkey! 🐵 Monkeys and primates are super-smart, inquisitive, playful animals. Much like people, they enjoy spending time playing and hanging out with their families in the wild. It’s no secret how similar they are to us.

But while a number of Asian communities are ringing in the Lunar New Year with happy and healthy resolutions, primates in labs have nothing to celebrate.


More than 105,000 monkeys and other primates are imprisoned in U.S. laboratories. Experimenters use them in cruel and painful tests because our species share 98 percent of the same genes, but research shows that animal experiments actually do little to help humans—and superior non-animal testing methods exist.


In labs, many baby primates are torn from their mothers and spend their days and nights in tiny barren cages. Primates who aren’t born in labs are bred on squalid factory farms or stolen from the wild. The mothers of those caught in the wild are often shot or knocked from trees—the babies are then captured, put into crates, and loaded onto planes destined for labs.

As we ring in the Year of the Monkey, there are lots of things you can do to help end the cruelty and make this a great year for monkeys and other primates, too.

Text LNY to 73822* (U.S.) or 99099 (Canada) for tips on how to help monkeys and other animals!

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