Of course you wouldn’t! So what’s the difference between them and the millions of cats who end up on dissection trays in schools around the country?


That’s right … some of the more than 10 million animals cut open in the name of bad science are cats just like the ones we share our homes, beds, and lives with (and like the one cuddled up next to me right now!). They come from animal shelters where they were waiting for new homes, are stolen from people’s yards, or are bred in filthy, cramped warehouses.


Create your own “You wouldn’t dissect her!” or “You wouldn’t dissect him!” sign and snap a photo with your feline bestie. Send us the photo at [email protected] for 2,000 points (and make sure you set it to your default on Facebook so that your friends see it!). We’ll post the best photos on our blogFlickr, and Facebook!

Can’t wait to see your cute pics!