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I was born I am currently alive and I will die eventually

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    16, Pansexual, cosmetology student, loving my friends, music, body modification, photography, modeling, animal rights and the love of my life <3


    I'm not very interesting, but I'm not sure if ANYONE can condense their life story into 140 characters.



    If you can't love yourself, how'n the hell you gonna love somebody else?


    "You better take care of me Lord, if you don't you're gonna have me on your hands"- Hunter S. Thompson


    I was born to have adventure


    You can call me Sam ;) Anyways animal-cruelty has always been unacceptable to me(lifelong-passion). Whenever I hear some horrible act of animal cruelty(such as a dog been tied to a truck and dragged) I tell my self 'it can only get better if we stand together'. <--code of my life

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