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Animal Testing Breaks Hearts

Animal Testing Breaks Hearts

But you don't have to.

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  • nicolesgawtthis

    Hey c:, I'm Nicole and I love all animals. I had an adopted dog (he just died recently :c ) who was literally my heart, and my everything. I volunteer at local animal shelters, and events when I can to try to get as many dogs as possible into good, loving homes. I'm new to this kind of stuff, but eventually I hope I'll get the hang of it. Alright, well, love you, bye c:

    Nicolesgawtthis unlocked NBC: Don’t Hurt Dogs!29 seconds ago

  • doctormongoose

    uh, I guessed the best way to explain myself briefly would be a retired trouble maker, both older brothers in prison, gang violence, friends, dying from drugs and violence, or getting arrested, I got arrested facing 57-60 years, cleaned up my act, and want to make a difference in life!! and just now feeling more compassionate for other living things :3 and i'm a vegetarian, i'm not so sure if I can go vegan its too expensive :0 $36 for two cups of vegan cheese??