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    A girl who is passionate about art, CG, game design, and especially the rights of animals.


    ♡ Hi! I'm Allie, & I'm vegan. Nice to meet you~ ♡


    live life nice


    I'm puerto rican. I just recently moved to Texas to attend college. I'm a vegetarian. I wish to do everything I can to help animals in need <3


    Adrian. Not the same age as you. Michigan. I appreciate kittens, psychedelics, AFI, mermaids, and pad thai. I am a hippie. I do drugs. *~.I Got A Postcard From The Road, And It's Missing My Feet.~*


    "Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened." -Anatole Frances


    I am a lot of things: a hippie, a lover, a person, an artist, an explorer, etc. My purpose in life is to leave this world by doing more good than harm. I want my limited existence to be a positive one.


    I don’t want to live - I want to love first, and live incidentally.


    I'm Maggie. I love bands and British television. I play flute and piano. Patrick Stump is a literal angel and Brendon Urie makes me blush.


    XVX. i wish i were dead.

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