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    vegetarian girl with no friends. i live and breathe music, get at me. c:


    I'm puerto rican. I just recently moved to Texas to attend college. I'm a vegetarian. I wish to do everything I can to help animals in need <3


    im great at drawing. i love to dance. im 14 (almost 15).i was a vegetarian when i was 9 but neer my 13th birthday i became a vegan.


    happy ppl dont have it the best, they just make the most of what they have.


    i dont care what anybody says about me haters going hate ive been a vegetarian for 1 year now find me on youtube under 21darkstitches o im 15


    My name is Sinatra aka Sipoleon, Gay ,Vegan,21 years of age, I'm just a boring person who's to busy reading and playing pokemon and loving animals :) especially wolves ahhh

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