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Whoever blushes is already guilty; true innocence is ashamed of nothing.” - Jean-Jacques Rousseau Follow my twitter! @ShaeAM :)

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    I'm puerto rican. I just recently moved to Texas to attend college. I'm a vegetarian. I wish to do everything I can to help animals in need <3


    happy ppl dont have it the best, they just make the most of what they have.


    Why blend in, when you were born to stand out?! Follow me on twitter @AbigailDawnCrai


    Name's Tiffany! ♏ , 15


    You can call me Sam ;) Anyways animal-cruelty has always been unacceptable to me(lifelong-passion). Whenever I hear some horrible act of animal cruelty(such as a dog been tied to a truck and dragged) I tell my self 'it can only get better if we stand together'. <--code of my life


    i dont care what anybody says about me haters going hate ive been a vegetarian for 1 year now find me on youtube under 21darkstitches o im 15


    Well, I am a southern girl but I would love to travel. I love animals I have never done dissection ...ever! I have 5 dogs and 3 cats. My favorite TV show is Saturday Night Live. I am proud to support PETA :). I am fur-free take that Kim Kardashian! XD I am a vegetarian. Can't be vegan sorry I love cheese! My hobby is probably reading . Oh my favorite book is The Hunger Games. Well, bye . I am obsessed with Justin Bieber!


    Make it. Love it. Live it. That's called life.


    One day I discovered my purpose in life, it was to save the world from people who hate geckos and all animals being harmed. P.S. when I grow up I'm also gonna be a pro soccer player. That is all. (:

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