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It has been a struggle since I was born. I am a fighter with a big soft hart that can spread from here to all around the world. I'd like to make a difference in my life time. I wanna be something that hasn't been made before,a unique butterfly full of mystery and love.

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    16, Pansexual, cosmetology student, loving my friends, music, body modification, photography, modeling, animal rights and the love of my life <3


    Jersey girl now I'm all country.


    Helping out in any way that I can. <3


    In the end, its not like years in your life that count, its the life in your years. instagram= @katiemsitton


    Message me if you wanna know anything! :) I DON'T BITE! I SWEAR!!!


    I live for love, and love animals! I try to get everyone around me to try new things and make a difference :) peace <3


    I aspire to change the world.


    I've been vegetarian since the sixth grade, looking forward to completing the process to become vegan. I have two dogs and four cats. I have a phobia of birds-totally not logical I know. But that doesn't mean I won't stand up for their rights also!


    J'recois beaucoup de demande d'amitié de gens qui font rien comme actions, je n'ajoute que ceux qui aide vraiment la cause. / I receive a lot of friend request from people who don't make action for animals, I will don't add you if you don't do anything for them.


    I am a tumbleweed. I go where the winds will blow me


    If you want something done right, do it yourself.

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