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    Born & raised in Chicago, Illinois. Moved to Weslaco, Texas when I turned 11 years old. Then a year later moved into my first home currently where I live in Pharr, Texas. I'm a 2 year vegetarian & I plan on keeping it that way. I am a cannabis enthusiast, a musician, & a revolutionist. Thank you. ;)


    It only takes one voice to make a difference.


    I'm Kassandra. Animal rights are my biggest passion and I was lucky enough to help expand and express that through the 2012-2013 peta2 Youth Advisory Board.


    I plan on making a difference in the world. I know I am just one human, but by being vegan, I know that I am changing lives. And not just the lives of the humans around me, but the beautiful creatures living on our earth. They were put here to live a happy life just as us. We are no different. I would do anything to save the lives of the innocent animals inhabiting our planet.


    Im an outgoing girl with a love for animals, im a social butterfly and always have a positive attitude. I want to be a nurse and have a strong desire to help animals :) i love makeing new friends and love to have fun ! im bubbly annd would rather be myself then anyone else, i like to listen to music and go on long walks :D I will never stop speaking for thoose who cannot speak for themselves and i will always be pro life : )


    The Classic Soap Story.

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