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    I just recently started my journey as a vegetarian and plan to go entirely vegan when I move out of my mom's house. I don't know what I'm doing with my life or where I'm going but I know that PETA will definitely be a part of plans and I want to become more and more involved.


    Hello everyone! It's about time I change my profile info, haha. My life story honestly isn't very interesting. I have 4 pets; 3 hermit crabs and a leopard gecko. I, like so many other people on here, have loved animals since I was young. When I'm older I'd like to be a computer programmer or work in video game design.


    I am proud to be weird! My pride and joy is Popsicle, my precious baby, a Blue-tongued Skink. (Sub-species: Irian Jaya) Popsicle and I spend hours together each day, I take him outside and around the house! He goes to the bathroom outside, (potty-trained, whooo!) and explores as he pleases. I let him on my head and in my bed, I do not fear Salmonella and kiss him liberally. He recognizes me, and whenever I drop my hand into his tank he crawls on for an adventure! I also love my kitty and dog, but Popsicle is my most devoted animal companion! :)


    girl. 16. vegan. animal rights activist.


    Compassion is my Passion


    My name is Rachel and I live in NYC. I have a history of taking care of animals and am proudly a vegetarian. A role model of mine is Morgan Joyce and she is an alternative model who helped me become comfortable with being myself: a modified person who is also vegetarian. I love rock music, and I'm all about peace <3 <3 <3


    A vegan girl from California. I have two indoor rabbits that are free roam (no cages).. Music is something I am very passionate about. And I would love to change the world someday.


    MUsic <3 Activism Hot chocolate

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