• ilyass posted an update2 years ago

    nice to be an animal
    free from worry and care
    no possessions
    no clothes to wear

    no toothbrush or comb
    sleep anywhere
    no clock to watch nor time to keep
    sun and moon with you, awake or asleep

    away from it all
    enjoying woods and field
    no rush hour to negotiate
    your animal spirit healed

    mate with whomever
    no marriage endeavor
    ‘poor’ as you both are –
    on a wild date – gaze at a falling star

    never a need to cook
    food from soil, stream or forest nook
    eat your meat and veggies raw
    no fork or knife – use your beak or paw

    wild, surprising adventure
    every challenging day
    nature intended an interesting life
    this natural way