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    HI :) I'm Kara! I love animals so much and I hope to maybe open my own Animal Boarding Facility/Doggie Day Care. I want it to be really relaxing, comfortable and I don't want it to be the typical metal cages that most animals get put in. I want to encourage tons of play and fun! I love going to concerts and listen to all types of music. I like the New York Giants. I have a lovely cat named Tyga. And the best for last, I'M VEGETARIAN and LOVE PETA! :)


    ask me XD


    twitter/instagram: mermaidmalice


    I kinda realized that my username was kind of ''wrong'' to have here. But I've always wanted to be a vegetarian and / or vegan, but I have never even tasted a fruit or vegetable in my whole life, so I think I would die of malnutrition if I did...


    Respect my authoritah! I am not 12. Really, I'm not!

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