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    My life has been complicated but I have one reason I keep living and it's the love for animals I have!:3


    My names Ellie 20, Im awesome I love animals so much I became an activist and vegan. Just trying to make the world a better place!


    Vegetarian since June 2008, vegan since March 2009 I've always had a special bond and connection with animals my whole life and it got even stronger when I first went vegetarian. I want to someday change the world to where animals are not exploited anymore, and humand and animals can live together in piece. P.L.U.R <3


    Boricua. Poly. Kink. Addicted to: Creativity, Organizing, Learning, Activism.


    I just recently started my journey as a vegetarian and plan to go entirely vegan when I move out of my mom's house. I don't know what I'm doing with my life or where I'm going but I know that PETA will definitely be a part of plans and I want to become more and more involved.


    I'm not very interesting, but I'm not sure if ANYONE can condense their life story into 140 characters.


    Had a rough time growing up and hate most my family. Dropped out from bullying and getting my GED. Vegan

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