• nina-k just posted How Cool Is Your Teacher? on the peta2 blog.2 weeks ago

    ThumbnailAh, teachers …  our number one source for homework, final exams, the occasional detention, and general academic misery. But hey, school’s almost out, so let’s focus on the positives—’cause every once in a while, […]

  • nina-k just posted Is Your School Animal-Friendly? on the peta2 blog.4 months ago

    ThumbnailWinter break was magical and wonderful and perfect, and how is it over already, right? Going back to school sucks, but with a new year and a brand-new semester, you have a purrfect opportunity to make this second […]

  • nina-k just posted Obama Sisters: Show Some Love for Turkeys! on the peta2 blog.6 months ago

    ThumbnailThere are about a zillion reasons why turkeys are awesome—but 45 MILLION of these sensitive, playful, intelligent birds are killed for food every holiday season.

    Each year, the president of the United States […]

  • nina-k just posted 20 Turkey Facts That’ll Blow Your Mind on the peta2 blog.6 months ago

    ThumbnailAh, Thankskilling Thanksgiving. Let’s take a moment to honor the beings who are forced to give their lives every single year just so that people across the country can gorge themselves on their flesh on this […]

  • nina-k just posted Are There BONES in Your Candy?! on the peta2 blog.7 months ago

    ThumbnailTrick or treat! Halloween is right around the corner, and there can be some creepy-ass stuff lurking in our precious sweet treats. Most of it is obvious, but one tricky li’l ingredient is gelatin. It’s found in […]

  • nina-k just posted The 8 Stages of Becoming an Activist on the peta2 blog.9 months ago

    Being an “activist” might sound like some really intense thing … but really it just means you’re fighting to change the WORLD. NBD, right? 😉 The truth is, anyone who gives a sh*t about how animals are being treated can become an animals rights activist!
    And no, we didn’t just wake up like this. Here’s how it tends to happen:
    1. Getting…[Read more]

  • nina-k just posted Are You Eating BABIES? on the peta2 blog.10 months ago

    Hey! How does a nice steamin’ plate of dead babies sound to you right now?

    dead baby dolls on a plate

    Hmmm, maybe shoved in a bun? Barbecued? Would that make it better? No, still gross?

    Well, did you know that many animals used for food are only babies when they’re slaughtered? Yep, babies are dying by the BILLIONS so that they can be used for meat.…[Read more]

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    Woo hoo! Hey Casey! :)

  • nina-k just posted A Nightmare for Dolphins on the peta2 blog.1 year ago

    Thumbnail Dolphins are highly intelligent, sensitive animals—and they’re being captured and killed by the hundreds.
    Photo: William Warby | CC by 2.0
    If you’ve seen The Cove, then you know about Japan’s annual dolphin […]

  • nina-k is discussing Crohn's Disease on the boards1 year ago

    Hi @sarrie! I actually have a good friend who has Crohn’s disease, and she has been a vegetarian since she was just a little girl and is doing well. By maintaining a healthy, plant-based diet that’s tailored to her needs, your friend can definitely choose to ditch meat. She should talk to her doctor or nutritionist and let them know that she’d…[Read more]

  • Hi @Cannablissfully – this sounds like a really terrible situation. Can you please e-mail our Cruelty Investigations Department at CIDinfo@peta.org with the details of what’s going on and how these dogs are being treated? They’ll be able to look into this further. Thanks!

    <3 Nina from peta2

  • nina-k just posted 2013: An Awesome Year for Animals! on the peta2 blog.1 year ago

    ThumbnailWell, folks, here we are! It’s New Year’s Eve once again. It’s been a pretty fab year overall, don’t you think? It’s also been a year full of really exciting victories for animals—all thanks to you awesome peeps […]

  • nina-k just posted A Little Boy’s Birthday Wish for Orcas on the peta2 blog.1 year ago

    ThumbnailA lot of kids spend the days leading up to their birthday wishing for the newest toy or video game. But there’s one little guy who is using his birthday to SAVE LIVES.
    Meet Cash:

    Cash is a 5-year-old […]

  • nina-k just posted HIDE YOUR KIDS: Attack of the Pigeons! on the peta2 blog.1 year ago

    ThumbnailPigeons love to fly, hang around outside, and sneak the occasional sandwich crust or French fry. These peaceful birds don’t bother us at all. Even still, some foolish peeps seem to think that it’s hilarious to […]

  • nina-k just posted Meet the Bunnies Who Need You to Ditch Angora on the peta2 blog.1 year ago

    ThumbnailBunnies: They’re the cutest.

    But the angora fur industry is nothing but ugly.

    Angora fur is used to make sweaters, scarves, winter hats, and other clothing and accessories. […]

  • nina-k just posted 9 Turkey Truths ‘Free Birds’ Didn’t Tell You on the peta2 blog.1 year ago

    ThumbnailIf you’ve seen Free Birds, then you already know that it’s a cute new kids’ movie that tells the story of two turkeys who travel back in time to the very first Thanksgiving in order to get turkeys OFF the […]

  • nina-k just posted 11 Things I Wish I’d Known About Being Vegan on the peta2 blog.1 year ago

    ThumbnailWhen I took the plunge into vegan life, I did it for one reason, and one reason only: Because I knew NO animal should ever suffer just so I could frivolously eat something. I didn’t know sh*t about what was vegan […]

  • nina-k just posted VICTORY! Smithsonian Ditches Live-Animal Lessons on the peta2 blog.1 year ago

    ThumbnailWoo-hoo! After more than a year of discussion with PETA, the Smithsonian Institution’s Science Education Center is officially ditching an awful lesson plan that asked hundreds of elementary school teachers to use […]

  • nina-k just posted 6 Ways to Spice Up Your Hot Cocoa on the peta2 blog.1 year ago

    ThumbnailAre you tired of your boring old regular hot cocoa? Doubtful—hot cocoa is just so good! But if you want to jazz things up just a little bit, we’ve got some super-easy but delicious ways to do just that.

    These […]

  • nina-k just posted Victory! Elephants Find Freedom at Sanctuary on the peta2 blog.1 year ago

    ThumbnailToka, Thika, and Iringa—three elephants from the Toronto Zoo—have finally arrived at their new home at the gorgeous Performing Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) sanctuary in sunny California. Two years ago, the […]

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