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    16, Pansexual, cosmetology student, loving my friends, music, body modification, photography, modeling, animal rights and the love of my life <3


    I have been a vegan since March 2011, a vegetarian since October 2006, and I gave up seafood in 2002. I love all animals and I intend to get a pig. I love pigs!


    I've been through hell and back. Sometimes I think I've never left it. Veganism is a positive in my journey through recovery and I'm hoping to share with others that it's okay to change.


    Lover of vegan food, cats, animal rights, Dawson's Creek, and Harry Potter.


    Well, hello there! I'm Bri.~ ^w^


    I have been vegetarian for four years now, and I am going vegan when I move out to go to university. I have 27 pets, and I volunteer for the British Hen Welfare Trust. I did my work experience at a dog shelter/boarding kennels. I also love ice hockey and am a Flyers fan, and have a strong interest in classical civilisations.


    Hi, I'm Emily! Feel free to add me! :)

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