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    1. SO MANY victories for animals

    Moving imprisoned bears and elephants to beautiful sanctuaries, convincing the largest tobacco companies to stop torturing rats, getting top retail companies to ditch angora, and helping to convict the worst rat and reptile abusers in the world are just a few of the victories we’ve celebrated here at peta2—all thanks to the help of caring people like YOU who took action.
    2. Contests to win cruelty-free goodies
    merchnow collage

    Want free stuff? We’re always giving away the most awesome prizes, including peta2 merch, tickets, beauty products, and other swag from your fave cruelty-free companies.
    3. Office dogs to cuddle with all day long!
    Baxie at work

    To see more from our adorable office dogs, follow peta2 on Instagram. You won’t regret it!
    4. Our very own college cookbook 

    Psssst, everything is microwaveable!
    5. Urgent text messages delivered right to your phone, because who checks e-mail these days?
    Sara Ann texting peta2

    Text us, and we’ll actually reply! peta2 has your back. We’ll also send you text alerts about how to help animals in your area.
    6. The infamous baby coat—uh, yeah!
    peta2 warped tour baby coat
    If you wouldn’t wear human babies …
    7. Our iPhone and iPad app
    peta2 iPhone app

    Download it!
    8. FREE STICKERS!!!!!!!!!
    free peta2 stickers

    Sign up to get your free stickers here!
    9. Vegan babes
    jona weinhofen vegan naked psa

    10. NUGGET!
    Nugget at the beach

    Spreading joy and hugs throughout the universe, our mascot Nugget tells everyone how easy being vegan is!
    11. Merch so fashionable that celebs wear it
    [media-credit text="Credit: Michael Wright/WENN.com" link="" text_2="" link_2="" text_3="" link_3="" align="aligncenter" width="580"]Ariana grande look like her feature image[/media-credit]

    12. We fight for those who cannot fight for themselves.
    frick monkey animal test

    ‘Nuff said.
    13. Countless resources that make going vegan easy
    peta2 How to Go Vegan infographic button

    Being vegan nowadays is so simple, and peta2 has so many ways to help make it even easier. We can help you find recipes, talk to your parents, talk to your school, and find meat and dairy substitutes. We’re also not afraid to show you where meat, dairy products, and eggs come from—in case you ever need a little extra motivation to stick to your cruelty-free diet.
    14. We speak up for your right not to dissect!
    cut out dissection
    15. Protests
    seaworld protest 1

    Organizing a protest is easy, and peta2 is here to help! Just hit us up, and we’ll send you all the materials you need.
    16. Touring alongside awesome bands and tabling at Warped Tour
    17. Ads explaining that eggs are chicken periods
    eggs are chicken periods

    18. We have our own shoe!
    peta2 non-leather vegan Macbeth shoe the "Gatsby" red background
    19. Addicting games
    Screen grab from peta2's free online Pokemon parody game

    We have more than 20 games, including our famous Pokémon parody games, that’ll help you kill time between classes!
    20. We’re the largest youth animal rights organization in the world!
    sign up for the peta2 street team

    You can help us fight cruelty to animals. Join the peta2 Street Team!

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  • peta2 changed their profile picture1 year ago

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    The goats will be used in trauma training exercises like this one.
    Shocking video footage released by PETA has shown live goats having their legs cut off […]

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    Last week, to raise awareness for seals, we sent a text to our mobile subscribers and asked them to tell five […]

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