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My life story hmm. that would be a good question.. There has been tons of stuff going through my life so its a bit hard to say and honestly I have done a lot as far as creating a better impact in the world. I have developed some cool apps I play drums even participated in a few in the past but, it really comes down to what is my life story? I don't know.. Its hard to tell and understand.

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    Manager of Youth Campaigns at PETA! {liberate. protect. avenge.}


    I don't know if this is wrong or not,but I have more compassion for animals than I do for humans. :-)


    Live, Laugh, Love.


    Enjoys life as it comes!


    ♡ Hi! I'm Allie, & I'm vegan. Nice to meet you~ ♡


    I'm puerto rican. I just recently moved to Texas to attend college. I'm a vegetarian. I wish to do everything I can to help animals in need <3


    Adrian. Not the same age as you. Michigan. I appreciate kittens, psychedelics, AFI, mermaids, and pad thai. I am a hippie. I do drugs. *~.I Got A Postcard From The Road, And It's Missing My Feet.~*


    The full modern day hippie basically!

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