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    Hi, My name is Tayler. I am a freshman at Fossil Ridge High School, and have been a vegan for about 2 years, Wahoo! I first did it for health benefits, but once I educated myself on all sorts of abuse and cruelties that are present and standard in all of animal agriculture, animal testing, and all sorts of horrible things that happen to animals, I realized that others have to know. Its wrong to have a world in which we love all of our companions and mistreat and murder our hoofier and feathierier friends. I started a club at my high school called Fossil Ridge VegAlliance, and have about 50 members as of right now. I have about 26 corporate sponsors sponsoring it right now, and it is great to see the partnerships between organizations and like minded people. I am working on getting Veggie Burgers in my whole districts cafeterias, and I have a vegan support group that I just started and we have 8 families trying vegan! I also run a facebook group in which I show the benefits of a plant based lifestyle, by posting information, recipies, and cute pictures of animals :) That's just some of the things I like to do. I have 4 vegan dogs, fishies, and 2 horses (a crazy brother as well) I love my family, as they provide me with support and encouragement, and I am so grateful. I try to be positive all the time, and love to talk to people, so if you have any questions or need help, I am SO here for you! Thanks!

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  • I went vegan because a philosophy professor said something during class that got me starting to think about if killing animals was wrong. I had loved animals all my life but it wasn’t until someone said something […]

  • If I could be any animal I would be a horse. They are majestic and seem so thoughtful. I’d love to graze all day and then run through the hills freely.

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    My favorite thing about animals is their unique abilities that are often better than humans! The fact monkeys climb trees using their tails, cheetahs sprint over 60 mph, grizzly bears have immense strength and […]

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    My favorite pie is chocolate peanut butter creme pie! I’m entering the recipe into a local desert bake-off hoping to show everyone how delicious vegan desserts are.

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    I’ll never support SeaWorld because they take beautiful intelligent creatures and force them to live in small fake environments all for human amusement. I respect all walks of life and wish all […]

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