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    I love animals way too much to hurt them. I recently became vegan after being a vegetarian for about a year. I really wish I could stop their suffering all together, but for now I'm just doing everything I can to help, and hoping to see some kind of a change in the world.


    Enjoys life as it comes!


    They tell you to be yourself, then judge you for being different.


    Animal Activist. Recently turned Buddha by temperament after seeing butchering in front of my eyes. NO more non-veg. for me. Was a great supporter of KFC but no more.


    I have been a vegetarian for over a year now. I have just recently made the decision to become vegan, though my parents don't approve. I'm a sophmore in high school and have a passion for music and all things that are in nature


    Vegan. Senior. 17. Animal Activist. My passion is helping animals. <3 Add me as a friend on instagram : veganism_and_animals

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