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    I volunteer at the Humans Society at near my house, During the summer it gets really warm in the cat room so no one wants to spend time with the cats, I take the whole entire time that I am there and dedicate it […]

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    This is more a personal kind of thing, But I want to be a humane law enforcer when I graduate? What do you have to do to get there? I’ve asked a lot of people and no one seems to know. I just know that when I wake […]

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    I don’t own either because I recently signed up for this website, My small animals teacher told me about PETA & I really wanted to check it out, Now that I’ve been on here I can’t stop reading all the different […]

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    I became a vegan because I watched this one video on how harshly animals were treated in slaugter houses and the thing people would do to them, I want to be a humane animal enforcer when I graduate, because i know […]

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