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Liberal loser surrounded by corn and extreme-o conservatives. :D

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    A girl who is passionate about art, CG, game design, and especially the rights of animals.


    The full modern day hippie basically!


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    i dont care what anybody says about me haters going hate ive been a vegetarian for 1 year now find me on youtube under 21darkstitches o im 15


    Well, let's just say it's been a fun and bumpy ride, thank you to those who have been crazy enough to ride through parts of my life with me.


    I live in Texas, and I am a vegetarian. I plan on being an artist and a teacher. I would really love to move to Los Angeles or England; even meet some people from there :D


    I'm just a city kid who lives in the heart of Atlanta trying to make it in this world. Living life is looking for what lies ahead not what was behind you. Animal Cruelty = Life Sentence !

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