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    Yeah... I already graduated college, but I never left school! I've been a teacher ever since! Right now I'm in Taiwan teaching English to sweet kids, and of course I always share the message of compassion towards animals with them.


    Piercings, Tattoos, Band Members, YouTubers, Concerts, Hair Dye, Starbucks, Tumblr, Video Games, Pokemon, Fandoms, Texting, Movies, in no specific order, are all things I love. :)


    My name is Morgan Fay and I'm 17. I've been diabetic for 9 years and I love animals. I've been a vegetarian almost my whole life and I couldn't see living any other way. I have a few credits for small animal care and veterinary science and would like to continue my studies in veterinary medicine.


    Make it. Love it. Live it. That's called life.

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