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We keep getting Older.. Current Pescatarian transforming into a full fledged Vegan one of these glorious days.. Passionate in what I believe in.. I'll be working for PeaceCorps in the near Future.. Calm, Cool, & Connected to the World.. ANIMAL LIBERATION

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    Enjoys life as it comes!


    Message me if you wanna know anything! :) I DON'T BITE! I SWEAR!!!


    I am a lot of things: a hippie, a lover, a person, an artist, an explorer, etc. My purpose in life is to leave this world by doing more good than harm. I want my limited existence to be a positive one.


    Love Helping Animals, Making Music


    I've been vegetarian since the sixth grade, looking forward to completing the process to become vegan. I have two dogs and four cats. I have a phobia of birds-totally not logical I know. But that doesn't mean I won't stand up for their rights also!


    17 years old, passionate animal lover, musician, artist, ginger west-coast Floridian. Yeaa, that last part just about sums it up.


    Piercings, Tattoos, Band Members, YouTubers, Concerts, Hair Dye, Starbucks, Tumblr, Video Games, Pokemon, Fandoms, Texting, Movies, in no specific order, are all things I love. :)


    Hi I'm Sofie. Avid animal enthusiast and equestrian.


    -My Name Is Ciara, I Live In Houston Tx & I Am An Animal Rights Activist!:D I Am Vegetarian/Vegan & I Love Helping As Many Animals As Possible! I Love To Donate & Give All My Free Time To Those In Need.


    vegetarian and loving it! I feel healthy and energized and happy I'm not contributing to the madness!

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