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I became vegan in May 2012, and discovered it got rid of my migraines. After I tore my PCL in a horse back riding incident, i took up yoga and it changed my life!!!

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    In the end, its not like years in your life that count, its the life in your years. instagram= @katiemsitton


    Love life to the fullest, and aim to fulfil my aspirations.


    I'm not going to talk about my life story because it´s sad...I'm going to say Hi! for what is starting to be something new in my life story :3


    I aspire to change the world.


    I'm from a little heartland town. I'm currently a college student, so I have a pretty busy schedule. My favorite thing to do when I have time to myself is volunteering at a local animal shelter, as well as being an animal-rights activist!


    Life story: I left my moms house to live with my dad who understands me (I am bisexual. im vegan, i dont really care what people say about or to me but once the up in my face then ect.), I love musicals, art, and Animals. I have Always wanted to make a change, about anyting.



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