We don’t know about you, but we LOVE smoothies, especially as it gets warmer outside. Speaking of warmer weather, it’s also time to get those beach bods ready. And that’s where our five favorite healthy smoothies come in!


Is there a better way to start eating healthy and getting into shape than by drinking delicious smoothies?! We think not. So we had a taste test here at peta2, and these are the results: five healthy smoothies, each special in its own way. (Click through for the full recipe!)


We changed this one up a little by using vanilla-flavored yogurt and leaving out the maple syrup. It tasted bright and summery yet refreshing in an almost surprising way. It’s perfectly filling for a breakfast.


This one is great for a much thicker and heartier breakfast on the go! Just prep half the ingredients the night before, and it’s ready in minutes the next morning. Or add extra oatmeal and top with granola and bananas.  🙂


This smoothie will make you want to work out. The flaxseeds give it a slight hippie flavor, almost like something that would be sold at a music festival. It has a light and refreshing start and a nutty finish.


Perfect for recovering from a workout, this is a healthy kind of treat. It’s classic and comforting but also decadent.


We used coconut water instead of milk in ours, and it was perfection! It’d be great for when you have a slightly upset stomach because it’s natural and soothing with a hint of freshness.


Well, there ya have it—five smoothies to get you into shape for the summer!

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